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No Pain Numbing Cream

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Meets ISO Safety Standards

No Pain with Vitamin E is a water-based topical Anesthetic cream

Do not use No Pain without pre-patch testing the skin first.

Lidocaine cream  B . P 5% w/w benzocaine prilocain  in a cream base with vitamin E 30 grams

Do not use if not legally qualified to apply a numbing cream.

No Pain is a nonprescription medication classified as an anesthetic it is used for creating a temporary numbness or loss of sensation of the skin and surrounding tissue, do not use on large surface areas, this should be used in small patches only.

Do not use on : Children, pregnant women, if you have any skin conditions or problems with kidneys liver or heart. Please check that you are not taking any medication that may react with numbing cream with your doctor.

Full instructions will be on the box , also please refer to your Plasma Elite training manual.





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